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Embracing an all natural soap-making process, Piggy Soap was born out of playful affection. Originally created as a special gift, this whimsical soap boasts a gentle, vegan formula –providing healing bath time fun, for kids and grown-ups alike.

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Piggy Soap

1 Soap 1.75 oz. / 50g, 6 per box

Piggy Soap is carefully crafted by hand, using a nurturing mix of all natural ingredients. Created in small batches, we mix together organic oats, our signature fulvic acid formula, Fulphyl, and a calming, intensely moisturizing blend of raw cacao and pure olive, almond, and coconut oils.

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“Piggy Soap was really created out of simply fun and love. I began making the soap in my kitchen, as a hobby and as a way to relax while I was first starting my hair care line, Phylia de M. I first made the piggies as a gift and was so pleased with the results.”

Kazu Namise, creator of Piggy Soap

Handcrafted with Love

Kazu was first introduced to soap-making by her Japanese godmother, who taught her a simple recipe, using only pure, organic ingredients. This traditional cold-process soap-making quickly became the perfect compliment to her work with her signature hair care line, Phylia de M.

Founded upon the same philosophies of embracing natural ingredients to heal the body, Piggy Soap contains Fulphyl, a potent fulvic acid formula that is the key element in all Phylia de M products.

Calming and nurturing, cleansing and healing, fanciful and fun, Piggy Soap was developed to both soothe the skin… and lift the spirit. Enjoy!

Check out our Piggy Soap Video! OINK

Piggy Play!

Another wonderfully fun facet of the Piggy Soap project was the designing of our packaging and illustrations. Rediscovering her childhood love of drawing, Kazu tapped into her imagination to create the images and wordplay that define each of our Piggy personalities. Whether you love, “Ham and Body” or “Squealy Clean”, every one of our soaps is special, all our piggies boasting their very own whimsical name and hand-drawn image.

“I had so much fun with wordplay, in dreaming up silly names for the different soaps. And in creating the illustrations, I was really able to revisit the creativity I had as a child. It was so wonderful to come up with a finished product that was not only cute - but also made of all natural, healing ingredients. Piggy Soap is all the things I love, together in one sweet, playful package.”

Piggysoap is available in only select locations. The listing is growing and will be updated regularly. If you are unable to find a retail location in your area, please order online.



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